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Saturday, 23 June 2012

There's a price to pay for every good things that ends.

11 JUNE 2012

A simple dinner and birthday celebration with brenda for qipei. It've been a long time since I last caught up with them. Speaking about them, it brought up my dream poly course, aviation and airport management or apparel design and merchandising. Indeed I had a spendid day with them though it was a short one. One thing to declare, Happy birthday qipei qt pie!! <3

Bid goodbye hugs with them > travelled down to town and ton my night with this thirak @ east coast.
Supposedly to catch sunrise with him but didn't managed to

How sweet can he get with this ? Flew to beijing a few hours later after I reach home.

Last but not least, receieved a call from kenji and coincidentally we booked the same flight, travelling to the same place & exactly the SAME tour. uhm , Guess it was not that bad to be accomapanied by a friend like an age as yours?

Had lots of emotional bid goodbyes with my fellow friends, missed them so much when I was at beijing, especially him.

As I ton my night the day before, was looking lethargic95 .
Here comes my face,


Tada singapore!
Took 6 hours of flight and finally checked in our hotel rooms,
I swear the hotel room was awe-inspiring with its design


The room's bathroom combines of a bathtub and shower room :

      They also do provide weighing machine underneath the basin & I weigh myself almost everyday at there!!! *Rolls eyes*

They have almost everything you need, even the iphone speaker in combine of a clock was provided. I'm so in love with this speaker, gonna get one for my new room.  

Ohyeah, check out the timing there. That was how late when I'm almost done with my first day there.

My apologises for those bad camera quality, didn't bring my camera along this trip .


Left 5 hours of sleeptime, Goodnight Beijing! ^,<

(Second day )
The tour was afraid that we can't wake up for the activites daily, thus they gave us automatic morning calls @8am.

Outfit for the second day #demin studded outerwear, creppers, #red highwaist,
How I wished beijing's temperature exchange with singapore.
No matter how scorching the sun is in the day, it's not as hot as sg.
But when the sun sets, temperature goes down to 17`c, - shivers -

Moi new sitting buddy for the 4 days, mr kenji , laughs.

His "rainbow" sunglasses , cool right ? HAHA.

I felt like a pig during my stay at beijing. Lunch would always be 4 hours after my intake of breakfast. They brought us to a resturant that is popular with their buns. Each table was served more than 5 containers of it. #youmadbro

Told you I've gained weight, Grrrrrr.

How could you stand hours of bus journey without photos spammmmmmmm, hehe.


Uhmmmm, I actually don't remember what was the activties but we visited streets of traditional shops and did some buyings there. It was indeed a interesting place.

& yes, this is the name of the street .

I remember boarding the trains at beijing, they have it for different clusters of people. I do have to admit that their facilities in the train as compared to singapore's is much better. They do have toliets in the cabin!!! & people selling things when the train is travelling .

Dinner's ambience was like king dynasty, we were served by "princesses"and "taijian"

Returned to our hotel @10pm .

Woke up by kenji's morning call at 8am as usual,
had breakfast with his aunt, his mum, him and my mum.
First activity of the day was to visit one of beijing's top attraction, FORBBIDEN CITY .

Well , it consist lots of history behind this temple, it brings everyone back to those king dynasty times. To many, many people, Beijing is an ancient capital city in the east. Forbidden City is the right place for you to start your Beijing tour by unveiling its mysterious face. Consisting of over 9,000 rooms and spread over 250 acres, this large palace complex was built between 1406 and 1420, but was burnt down, rebuilt, sacked and renovated countless times, so most of the architecture you can see today dates from the 18th century and on wards during the Qing Dynasty. Wear comfortable shoes as you have to walk a lot! I highly recommend going with a guide. It really is helpful to have a guide explain the stories behind the site and tell you about the important historical parts in the forbidden city. You'll be more keen in it if you get to see those over thousand years of furnitures which the emperor used.

- lunch -
Guess what was the next stop of the third day ?

 TADAAAA, it's trishaw ride around beijing! Hmm,  first time?

Enjoyed the trishaw ride with my mum. It was so kind of the china uncle to volunteer and take a picture for us. With that speaking, it's not all china people are irritating, some are quite sociable in some sense ;-)

2 hours journey long to the dinner location where roasted duck is something you shouldn't miss out when you are at beijing! They are well known for it if you don't know.

Don't you think the way the utensils was placed is cute ?

The meal was sumptuous among all the meals i had in beijing. Be it is the appearance, taste, service was ... - thumbs up -

Returned to hotel @ 10pm.
Both me and kenji went on night journey around beijing's city.
The weather was .....................cold.. very badly.

This was the only night I had light make up on, was too troublesome if i have it daily.

Yes, if you don't know this is one of the club at beijing. Subsequently both me and kenji do clubs therefore we went to check this awestruck place , BABYFACEE.


These clubs doesn't need entry fees , no checking of ic & it doesn't have any age limit!
However, we need to buy drinks to get seats & their dancefloor was far smaller than singapore's.

,)It brings in some memories of how we actually got to know each another, it was at club avatar.
He was the ticket seller and I was his buyer , laughs. Those donkey nostalgia.

I looked like a bloody blood sucker here. but ironically, It's the lightings in the club .
Ohyeah, there was a china man touched my cheeks and cheers with me when bodyguard kenji was at dancefloor #awkaward moment T.T

Was a lil tipsy as  I had some mixed liqour. Friends who knows me well, knows that I am a lousy drink , ROAR.

Lucky, I have a bodyguard with me througout the night. Thanks for taking care of me when I was tipsy, sorry for being a burden when going back to the hotel.

Yes, this mark the end of my 3rd day in beijing ;)